Wanton Christmas Wishes By: Monica Burns, Madelynne Elis, Samantha Kane, Eliza Lloyd, Kate Pearce & Jess Michaels

Book Description

"Welcome to Wanton Christmas Wishes, an offering from six bestselling erotic historical romance authors. Dukes, soldiers, lords and gentlemen court and seduce beautiful heroines and make all their wishes come true. These tales are the perfect bite to get you in a festive mood…

HIS TO COMMAND by bestselling author Monica Burns. Prequel to the Self-Made Men Series. A Christmas Eve blizzard and one small act of discipline compromises Charlotte Clayworth, but she refuses John Fordyce's proposal. Now, years later, the Self-made Men decide to reunite the lovers for one more wanton Christmas wish.

THE KISSING BOUGH by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Madelynne Ellis. Viola Marsh has been forced to live an austere life, locked away under the watchful eye of her spinster aunt. Only on Christmas Eve is she allowed her freedom, to take part in the tradition of wassailing. Cousins, Percy Gilling and Lord William Ricborough share a close and special relationship, and they require a very particular woman to satisfy their needs. What they’re not expecting is to find her poised beneath the mistletoe on a wintery hilltop.

HAMISH by Samantha Kane. Book One of The 93rd Highlanders. During the Crimean War, injured Captain Hamish Fletcher is sent to the hospital in Scutari, where he finds his old friend and lover Dr. Phineus Harper treating the wounded. Finn can keep him at the hospital until Christmas. Will it be enough time to convince widowed nurse Edith Lambeth to grant both men their Christmas wishes?

ALL A MISTRESS WANTS by Eliza Lloyd. Eloisa Larkin wishes for the one thing she can’t have—the love of the powerful Duke of Sterling. Being his mistress provides many luxuries but being hopelessly devoted to a man who loves another as left her feeling alone and the last thing she wants is to spend Christmastide with him and his family.

A CHRISTMAS KISS by Jess Michaels. Tricked into spending time alone with the husband who made it clear he doesn't care about her, the Countess of Blackgrove, Amelia, has no idea how to react. But Stephen only wants seduction... and love.

LOVING MICHAEL by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Kate Pearce. Since returning from the peninsular wars, Michael Waterstone has learned to live within restricted boundaries and taught himself not to yearn for what he can never have. Fortunately for him, ex-courtesan Angelique Delisle is no respecter of boundaries of any kind, and offers him a provocative Christmas wager that might change his life forever..."
Title:  Wanton Christmas Wishes
Authors: Monica Burns, Madelynne Elis, Samantha Kane, Eliza Lloyd, Kate Pearce & Jess Michaels
Publisher:  Crush Star Multimedia LLC
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
"Wanton Christmas Wishes" By Authors: Monica Burns, Madelynne Elis, Samantha Kane, Eliza Lloyd, Kate Pearce & Jess Michaels
What I enjoyed from this novel.....

"Wanton Christmas Wishes"  had a lots of unfamiliar authors for me  but I must say they were all a interesting bunch of writers (six) where I found the stories were well written and enjoyable.  This collection of fabulous  anthologies will have a little for all readers...from erotic  passionate romance friends to lovers, Highlanders,  love  songs, 'orgasms,'  kilts and even some kinkiness.   This is definitely one of those reads that you will have to pick up and read it for yourself and see where that author will take you. 

Overall I thought this was a delightful Adult Christmas reads about love, passion,  forbidden love, love triangle and complicated relationships. I loved how these author kept there stories moving being mostly short, sweet and yes....steamy and erotic.  If you are in for enduring love with some sensual festive cheer to some historical erotica you have come to the right place for "Wanton Christmas Wishes" will give it to you.




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