Blissful Summer By Cheris Hodges & Lisa Marie Perry

Book Description....

"Two exotic locations. Two couples about to discover the thrill of rekindled passion.

Make You Mine Again by Cheris Hodges

Supermodel Jansen Douglas is living her dream. Now a wedding in Paris is about to reunite her with the high school sweetheart she left behind. But Atlanta CEO Bradley Stephens won't let their stormy past stand in the way of reclaiming his first and only love.

Unraveled by Lisa Marie Perry

Ona Tracy's plans to seduce her high school crush unravel when the reunion trip she books turns out to be an erotic-themed cruise to the Bahamas! Rather than abandon ship, she recruits blond-haired, silver-eyed Riker Ewan to be her hookup, unaware that the hot-bodied ex-marine isn't who he seems to be…"

Title:  Bliss Summer
Authors:  Cheris Hodges & Lisa Marie Perry
Publisher:  Mill and Boon Kimani
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Make You Mine Again" by Cheris Hodges

What I liked about this novella...

I liked this short romantic novella.  It turns out to be just what the title said..."Make You Mine Again." For that was just what happened for Jansen and Bradley.  I loved how this author gave the reader a interesting story with some many secrets with twist and turns, however when it all came out and each one of these main characters were able to listen to each other....well you will have to pick this one up and see for yourself how well it comes out.  Yes, the story was somewhat predictable, however, you will be given an  interesting well written story that will keep you turning the pages till the end.

                                 and then we have.....

"Unraveled" by Lisa Marie Perry

What I liked about this novella....

Now, this short story was really some read.  You talk about mean spirited classmates that seemed to have it out for on Ona.  I love how this story was presented..with a "reunion trip turning out to be an erotic-theme cruise" for these classmates.   Now how did this happen?  However, I loved how Ona was able to some much needed help from that 'blond-haired, silver-eyed Riker Evan. My feelings went out for this heroine because she really went through a lot to achieve making this cruise a good one but will that happen with all the bitterness that seems to be around her from some former classmates.  When Ona thinks that she will have one friend with her on this trip...well, I will stop here and say you will have to pick up this well written read and see how this will all come out. What will happen when all of the secrets and lies comes out in this 'Unraveled' story?  Will Ona as well as Riker  finally get someone to love and be accepted for who they are?

I was gifted this from the author for my honest review.


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