Fear 2: Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire (BWWM Romance) [Fear: Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire] By: Amarie Avant

Book Description....

Fear 2: Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire (BWWM Romance) (Fear: Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire)

Luxury's sole desire is to love Victor, a man that cannot love her. She once feared him. Mysterious and dark, Victor's cerulean eyes hypnotized Luxury's mind and commanded the drumming of her heart. The Duke has claimed her. Victor will keep Luxury against The Queen's order.
As the palace echos with footsteps, the English dare to whisper the horrible truths.
Suspense crescendos along with intoxicating sex.
The beast has made it clear who Luxury belongs to and how much of him he will allow: Money. Sex. Nothing more.
The stakes are high. Now fear... love.

BWWM, interracial romance, suspense, thriller, erotic, drama, alpha male

Title:  Fear 2:  Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire [BWWM Romance]
Author:  Amaire Avant
Publisher:  Shan Presents
Series: Fear:  Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire # 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Fear 2:  Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire [BWWM]" by Amaire Avant

What  I loved from this read...
There is only one thing I can say and that is this author did it again and that is giving a reader a second read that will keep you entertained till the end.

What I liked from the read.... Drama, drama and more drama from these two main characters and let's not forget some of those amazing secondary characters that will keep you on the edge of your seat turning the pages!  You, the readers are really getting a story of  a  erotic romance, suspense, mystery, thriller, action,  family secrets, twist and turns but in the end wow what a alpha male.  This author really worked her magic with this storyline  with all of the details she presented...you will have to keep up!

What I hated from this read....
The Cliffhanger!  We, the reader will just have to wait for part 3 to see how this story will unfold!


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