Ask Me Again - Second Chance Book 1 By: Theresa Hodge

Book Description...

"It took twelve long years for Alyssa Darden to come home. A place she promised to never revisit again. The loss of a dear friend sent her back to a place of old hurts that she must confront before she can truly live again. Drake Peterson knows he was the cause of so much pain to the only woman he ever truly loved. He wants to set things right and he's not going to lose the one opportunity to prove that a love like theirs will never die. Alyssa has moved on with her life. She has a man who loves her, a career and friends in a new city that she calls home. She must fight Drake's charismatic sway to try open up her heart to the possibility of loving him again. Will fate drive two hearts to open up to love again? Can past hurts and betrayal be healed through loving again? Or, will forgiveness open the door to second chances?"

Title:  Ask Me Again
Author:  Theresa Hodge
Series:  Second Chance Book 1
Publisher:  Nayberry Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"As Me Again" by Theresa Hodge

My Thoughts....

From a mistake that Drake Peterson had  made many years however he is now determined to get back the love of his life...Alyssa but will it be enough? What a twist...especially with Alyssa seeming to have love for two men.  Who will she choose?   This author really gives the reader a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat turning the pages till the end. And that ending was the! This is definitely a good read with two more books to go in this get the ending of the story.


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