Momma's Journey To Hell And Back By: Cynthia Amis Dickerson

Title:  Momma's Journey To Hell And Back
By:  Cynthia Amis Dickerson
Publication:  Lift Bridge Publishing
Series:  Second Book to: "Momma Said, "Hit 'em Back"
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Momma's Journey To Hell and Back" by Cynthia Amis Dickerson

Book Description:

"Momma’s Journey to Hell and Back! 

Louvenia Johnson is back and ready to describe what happens to her when she mysteriously disappears after confessing her sins at the church altar in the book, Momma Said, Hit ‘Em Back! Louvenia, who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence and engages in criminal acts, describes her life that begins with dark unspeakable acts that are inflicted upon her in secret during her childhood.

In this sequel, Louvenia paints a horrific picture of what happens to abused children who grow up to be angry adults who, in turn, abuse themselves and anyone they encounter. She finds she is incapable of loving herself, her children, family, and even the guy who really wants to love her in spite of her many imperfections.

Crime, lust, romance, sibling rivalry and a tragic death unfold in this book, Momma’s Journey to Hell and Back! Read the many unexpected twists and turns with the final ending …well, read to find the answer to why Louvenia is so Bad!"

My Thoughts:

Now, to truly understand this story I will say you need to read this author first book "Momma Said, Hit 'Em Back!" which continues to the next series 'Momma's Journey to Hell and Back.'  This author does a wonderful job at telling Louvenia Johnson's story which is quite a painful one in all that this person has goes through in her life.  After being addicted 'to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence and into criminal acts' will she be able to break from this hold that she had on her life?  Even though this was a short read I found myself not able to keep reading having to put it down for a minute due to all that had happened to Louvenia as a young child being abused.  Yes, I can see how  'Louvenia felt so unloved for not only of  herself but to her children, family [especially her sister] and the one person{Tate] who really loved her in spite of the way she acted.  Will Louvenia make it in this world that has been presented to her in being able to love herself and trust others?  Will she ever be able to change from her evil ways and realize that there is help out there for her...however, she will have to be the one that wants it!

Be ready for a unforgettable read as the story comes out but in the end will there still be secrets [be it big or small] that haven't come out?  For some reason Louvenia thinks  "Why should I have to disclose this small matter"  I am happy and I have changed and life is good.  I am going to live my life.  It's all about me!"  OK,  however, it looks like maybe Louvenia's sister Mabel Johnson Pruitt may have something to say about that issue and even more.  I guess we will just have to find out in this authors next sequel..."How Can Your Family Disown You?"

I believe this story was beautifully well written....maybe a little hard at times but abuse can and does take so many horrible forms.  At the end of this story the author ask some really interesting questions that apply so well to each of the twenty chapters.  This was very well done!

I loved this quote from the author:

"Everyone has some sort of mental challenge.   Acknowledge the problem, seek God for healing and contact a credible mental health professional to assist with the process."

Thank you to the author for the gift of reading your novel and giving my honest opinion of the read.


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