Be With Me By: Author Aja

Book Description...

"Maya and Roman return in part two of the Unexpected trilogy:
In Unexpected, you met Maya and Roman; two people that were total opposites of one another, who were immediately attracted to one another from the start. Their banter and instant chemistry led to intellectual stimulation, days, and many nights of heated passion, and they fell head over heels in love. In that love two years ago, Maya and Roman also discovered it was going to take more than just their love if they planned to make it work. And things between them settled in perfectly. Now Maya has the man of her dreams and Roman has found his perfect woman … but is perfect really enough? Things begin to come apart at the seams when Maya has suddenly come under the influence of outside forces that have her thinking that maybe perfect isn't enough and she should want more. Will Maya cause irreparable damage in her quest for a more perfect situation or are these two really meant to be together?"

Title:  Be With Me
Author: Aja 
Publisher:  She Loves World Publishing
Series:  The Unexpected Series Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Be With Me" by Author Aja

My Thoughts....

What a sweet,  sexy romantic read of these two Maya and Roman.  Wow, they have gone through
so much together that it was a little hard for me to believe drama was coming again for these two.
Will their love for each other be able to save them and they get and keep their HEA in the end?
Will they be able to finally communicate with each other?  Well, you will have to pick up "Be With Me" to find out.  I loved the ending and you the reader will too.  My suggestion would be to read
this author Book one "Unexpected" and then read this novel to truly understand the whole good read.

Thanks to the author for a copy of this book for a fair and unbiased review.


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