Stolen Moments By: Tara Mills

Book Description...

"Ella knew what Neil wanted when he called, what they both wanted. Did she dare? Was an hour of passion worth the lies,broken commitments, and the risk of getting caught? Yes."

Title:  Stolen Moments
Author:  Tara Mills
Publisher:  Crimson Frost Books
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Stolen Moments" by Tara Mills

My Thoughts....

I loved it!  What a interesting role play this was for Ella and Neil.  Be ready for a short wonderful read that's full of  'passion' that is one hot sexy read.  Will Ella and Neil get all that they needed from each other?  Well, you will just have to pick up this sexual story to see how it all comes out.  Do you think Ella will make it home in time to make dinner for her family?

I received a copy from  via Insta-Freebie for an honest review.


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