It Hurts Me To Love You 3 by Ms. T. Nicole

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"When everything you love is suddenly taken from you, it’s easy to feel as if revenge is all you have left. But when you finally realize that the only way to truly be free is to sit back and let things unfold at its own pace, in time, you will forget all the pain, tears, and all the reasons why you want vengeance. All that really matters is the person who is standing beside you is willing to take every risk to be with you despite all your flaws, mistakes, and imperfections. It is in that moment that you fully understand that love overpowers hate, and your true happiness is based solely on that one decision: to let go of the past, or continue on a path that can ultimately cost you everything that you love once again.

After being shot, Yam struggles to put the pieces of his life back together. But when the one person who stood by his side is taken away from him, leaving behind an emptiness in his heart, Yam finds it even harder to trust the people in his life. His past has come back to haunt him in more ways than he could have ever imagined causing him to possibly lose everything that he loves. Could this be his Karma? Is he being punished for all the pain he has caused in the past? As the truth about Yam’s past comes to surface, it’s found that everything is not always what it seems, and there is more to Yamuel Bradley that makes everyone aware of the man he really is.

Now that he knows that Yam is responsible for D-Money’s death, DJ would stop at nothing to his revenge. But as Yam fights for his life, DJ sees the pain that he would cause Paisley if he carried out his plan, and it causes him to question his decision, which means he must break the promise that he made to his father. At the same time, he finds out some information that complicates things even more, making protecting Paisley and their unborn child his priority.

Paisley is looking forward to motherhood and the future that her and DJ are planning for themselves. But when an unexpected tragedy occurs, the bubble that she once lived in suddenly bursts, and her life has been nothing but a lie. Paisley learns that no one in her life can be trusted, including DJ.

With secrets being revealed and betrayal hitting them from all angles, DJ and Paisley finds that all they have to hold on to is their love for each other and their unborn child. But would that love be enough for them to let go of the past, or would the truth tear them apart, causing them both to understand why It hurts to love? Get ready for all the twist and turns and an explosive ending that would prove that everything is not always black and white, sometimes there’s a gray area in between. It Hurts Me to Love You 3: The Finale."

Title:  It Hurts Me to Love You 3
Author:  Ms. T. Nicole
Publisher: Royalty Publishing House
Series: #3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"It Hurts Me To Love You 3" by Ms. T. Nicole


Beautifully written!  I enjoyed this whole series and I would definitely suggest if you haven't read the first two series please do so. It will bring you up to what has gone on earlier in this story.  The author really did a wonderful job at bringing this story to a close.  Not wanting to spoil anything but just say all questions and answers were given and I loved how it seemed that there was even some forgiveness after all was said and done.  The characters were simply off the chain....being well developed, portrayed and so believable giving us a well developed story that will keep your attention to the very end. All that is left to say to the author... you write some well written stories that always leave your readers wanting more!


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