The Golden Lie by B.M. Hardin

Book Description....

"Have you ever told a lie?

Yaya Ramsey dedicated her life to being a good wife. She loved her husband with everything in her, but everything isn't always enough. She'd thought that she'd married the exception. Needless to say, she'd thought wrong. Her husband, Dakota, isn't the man he portrayed to be and after finding out a few of his heartbreaking secrets, Yaya is forced to come up with a plan.

What do you do when the person that you love the most, no longer loves you back?

You tell a Lie!

Hurt and full of rage, Yaya wants revenge and she becomes apart of a Lie that changes life as she knows it and things for everyone around her will never be the same.
She'd forgotten to consider one little thing...
What if the Lie actually worked?

Twists and turns, sex and deceit, Yaya's world is turned upside down, and she learns a cold, hard truth, that isn't always the easiest to accept and that is: No matter how well you think you know someone, the truth just don't know everything! Even if it's about your husband!"

Title:  The Golden Lie
Author:  B. M. Hardin
Publisher:  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"The Golden Lie" by B.M. Hardin

My Thoughts...

This is definitely one of those reads that you will not want to put down until the end.  The story will be filled with so many lies that you will simply have to keep up with all of its twist and turns.  I found all of the characters simply off the chart bringing so much to this story that will have you shaking your head and saying wow...I didn't see that one coming.  At the end I was left wondering just who the truthful person was in this read.  There was so much damage that had been done would there be a any room for a healing?  I will only say this author has done it again and that is given the readers another good read.


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