What I Gain Through His Pain by Nicole Benoit-Roy

Book Description...

"In a society filled with easy Christianity and cheap grace, Nicole Benoit-Roy takes her relationship with Christ to a much deeper level. Since becoming a Christian, she has been learning about her newfound Savior, Jesus Christ. She is an educator who vows to be a student for as long as she lives. The more she learns about the cross of Christ, the more she realizes the importance of it in her life. As she meditates on His suffering, she concludes that His pain is the reason for every blessing in her life. In this book, "What I Gain Through His Pain," she shares her story about the benefit of the cross as she expresses gratefulness for His pain."

Title:  What I Gain Through His Pain
Author:  Nicole Benoit-Roy
Publisher:  Lorekeeper Publishing Services; 1 edition
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"What I Gain Through His Pain" By Nicole Benoit-Roy

My Thoughts.....

What a wonderful testimony this author gives of her life and her relations with Christ.  "What I Gain Through His Pain," author Nicole Benoit-Roy 'shares her story from childhood to the present time 'about the benefit of the cross as she expresses gratefulness for His pain.'

This story will start off with.... where you will only have to read it for yourself to get the complete understanding of "What I Gain Through His Pain."  I am only leaving a few notes that really got my attention.

Invitation     Nicole Benoit-Roy born November 26, 1968 in Leogane, Haiti to Marie Rose Renee and Andreus Benoit

     A Clash of cultures     Coming to America from Haiti
     In Retrospect   Education
     My Early Years     Somewhat spoil by her father
     Something Fishy     Voodoo practiced
     Understanding My Dad    The love of a grandmother
     Mom's Influence

Chapter One  "His Pain Guarantees My Future"
     My Origin
     My Existence
     Finding My Purpose   'An actress wannabe'  how will this fit unto her many plans?
     My Destiny  "To know Jesus is to share Jesus"  Amen!

Chapter Two  "His Pain Speaks"

     A Special Announcement to the Church: Revelation Through Prayer
Chapter Three  "His Pain Teaches Me That Forgiveness Beats Hatred" *I loved this!*

     What I Gain Through His Pain

Chapter Four  "His Pain Helps Me Endure Loss"
     Why Hanging?
     A Tribute to My Brother:  Jean-Baptiste Darly Benoit, also know as Bobby

Chapter Five  "His Pain Teaches Me to Love under Persecution"  Beautifully told story!
God was there with you!

     The Meeting
     Formidable Task  When it seems like you are alone...our God will step in and be there for us!
     Very Interesting Case  Through it all you will come out of it shining!
     Reverse Effect

Chapter 6  "His Pain Empowers Me to Forgive Self"
   2 Years, 8 Months in PA  I loved that Thank You Note!

Chapter 7  "His Pain Carries Me Through Marital Difficulties"
     Meeting My Husband    A Tuesday afternoon in 1994, the day after Labor Day
     Saved by Grace  Indeed God is so good!
Chapter 8   "His Pain Provides Angelic Assistance"
     Stranded in Long Island  Again You were not alone!
     JFK Parking Lot

Chapter 9    "His Pain Saves Me From Presumptuous Faith"
     A Psychiatric Disorder

Chapter 10  "His Pain Restores My Mind from Chaos"
     Shaken From Afar:  The January 12, 2010, Haiti Earthquake  Her Mom and Dad were OK!
     Spiritual Advice for Your Spiritual Needs  This was another one of my favorite parts of the read!
'Share Him in small gestures...do at least one good deed for the people you meet daily.'
'A smile, saying good morning and have a good day, hold a door open for someone and ask somebody how they are doing today.'

Loved that ending.....

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  {Matthew 11:29-30}

About the Author...

"Nicole Benoit-Roy is pursuing her doctoral degree in educational leadership at Andrews University.  S'he directs the Children Ministries Department at her church...works as a special education teacher by day, a literature evangelist by night and writes during the wee hours of the night and enjoys reading and playing the piano. Another goal is to become a best selling author to the glory of God."


This was quite a interesting read.  When In first started out I wasn't sure what all it involved but now after reading this authors non fictional Christian Read I can say it was one good read.  There were things that I did ponder about and will think about long after the read.  Would I recommend this read as a good Christian read.... YES!  The best to you and all that you pursue in your life.  I am sure that will God's help you will get there!



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