Hope at Christmas A Novel by Nancy Naigle

Book Description....

"Nancy Naigle delivers a heartwarming Christmas story that proves you can always go home again.
Sydney Ragsdale is looking for a fresh start far away from her controlling ex-husband and the self-doubt that has plagued her since the divorce. Returning to her childhood home in Hopewell, North Carolina is just what her soul needs. Praying some Christmas magic will follow her she moves with her daughter to a farmhouse that once belonged to her grandparents. While there Sydney finds solace working at The Book Bea, her favorite bookstore.
Single dad Kevin MacAlea, Mac to his friends, is the local high school history teacher and baseball coach. He is also the towns best kept secret—he has been playing Santa since his son was born twelve years ago. Mac loves the enchantment of the season and wants his son to share in his joy.
When a catastrophe forces The Book Bea to close before the end of the year, everyone in the small town is feeling the loss. While Sydney is already off-balance by the bad news, her ex-husband breaks a promise to their daughter that sends her running away and threatens the relationship that she has begun with Mac.
As Sydney and Mac try to figure out what their next steps are together they will soon discover that there’s always hope at Christmas."

Title:  Hope at Christmas
Author:  Nancy Naigle
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press 
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Hope at Christmas" by Nancy Naigle

My Thoughts....

This was quite a good holiday story that involved two divorced parents and their children.  I liked how this author brings Sydney Ragsdale and Kevin [Mac] Alea together in this wonderful Christmas magical read that is fulled with 'love and hopefulness.'

We find from the story that after an very unexpected divorce Sydney moves from Atlanta to Hopewell, North Carolina with her daughter where her grandparents had left her  their farm house to get away from it all ... a controlling ex and some ex friends.  Hopefully Sydney plan to start a new live there in Hopewell.

As you read through this well written story one will find the characters so very relatable as well as realistic giving you a good senseable read. Will these two people [Sydney & Mac] be able to get  just what they needed as they find there way around  Hopewell N.C?  This author brings out a interesting point of what can happen when there is a divorce ex  and who is left hurt and abandon  when a marriage is dissolved...the child.  In this case the children were  Ray Anne & Seth.  Be ready for a lots of action, surprises, drama, trust issues, fun, hope, love, sadness and even laughter, and Christmas cheer  as the story continues to the end.  What will happen when Sydney starts working for Bea over the holidays?What was so special about this book store?  Who will she met?  What was it about Mac. divorced, who was teacher at the local HS, baseball coach and during the holidays would dress up as Santa in that interested Sydney?  Will their be sparks between Sydney and Mac as they go some some series of non-dates?  Will these two lost souls who had been wounded be able to find healing?  Will Sydney be able to trust again after that ordeal with her ex?  To get all of these questions answered you will have to pick up "Hope at Christmas" and see how this author will bring it all out for you.

By the end the reader will get a good heart-warming holiday story of ' love, hope and second chances' and YES, a ending with a wonderful HEA.

Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.


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