Lonestar's Lady By: Deborah Camp

Book Description....

"Lonestar. His name fit him perfectly. It fed every fantasy that Gussie Horton had conjured about Indians and forbidden love. His neighbors whispered that he was a murdering half-breed, which was true. But Gussie believed in second chances, and more importantly, her heart told her to believe in Max Lonestar. Was she a fool to hitch her wagon to his star? Would he be her one true love or her final downfall?"

Title:  Lonestar's Lady
Author:  Deborah Camp
Publisher:  D. C.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Lonestar's Lady" by Deborah Camp

My Thoughts...

This was quite a endearing story that will help your interest turning the pages to see what was going on with Gussie Horton who had found herself in a horrible situation.  No what was that? Well, it seems like a [Bob Babbitt] was not been there to receive her in Ft Smith and now she has make her way to Pear Orchard, Arkansas to learn he [Babbitt] was was in the Van Buren jail for disorderly conduct where he had  "Drank too much and tore up a saloon."  What was somewhat interesting about this whole situation was that Gussie was a 'mail-order letter bride' who hadn't formally met only having a agreement to this marriage.  Now, what will Gussie do?  Well, she gets help from the
a sweet family the Karlsson's...Susan...her husband Erick and her half brother Max Lonestar.  What proposal will be made to Gussie from Max that she will not be able to refuse?  The author will present the reader will one interesting story of just how hard it was for Max and Gussie especially since he was a 'half-breed.' It was intriguing to see how this town treated Max and how it took Gussie to bring it out up front and center to how these town people really were a group of very self righteous people. It seems like when all was going well for these two something would always seem to happen.  Why and who were those particular people?  Now to fully understand this well written read you will have to pick up "Lonestar's Lady' to see for yourself how well this story whole situation is all brought out.  I did have a few questions in how the ending ended but I was able to live with my thoughts on how I hoped it would all did come out in the end.  One will definitely want these two Gussie and Lonestar to have that HEA because they indeed deserved it. Would I recommend "Lonestar's Lady?'  YES!


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