The Fist That Bound Me: A Stand Alone Novel by Trinity DeKane

Book Description....

"Jade is caught up in an abusive relationship with a man whom she revealed her life's hardest memories; entrusting him with her heart, he turns out to be the very thing she has been trying to escape. When Greg's abuse damn near kills Jade her sisters Corrina and Telissa step in and remove her from the home.

As Jade deals with her hurtful past and her current abusive relationship she is introduced to a new way of life and new friends. She seems to adjust well to her new environment, but when the past starts to reel its ugly head Jade fights to stand her ground.

Will she follow her heart and move forward or will she be snatched back into the depths of hell!"

Title:  The Fist That Bound Me
Author:  Trinity DeKane
Publisher:  Tiece Mickens Presents, LLC   
Rating:  Five

"The Fist That Bound Me" by Trinity Dekane

My Thoughts...

What a well written story with so much sadness and emotional pain that dealt with such domestic abusive  violence that happened to these girls [Jade, Corrina, Telissa & Dee] that many have gone through. How they made it through it was really a horrible story.  I still wish Jade would have told her mother on just what was going on with her father.  But oh well this happens and naturally Jade would end up with someone like Greg who used 'his badge for all the wrong reasons.'  However, thank God Malcolm comes into the picture and to learn the rest of the story you will have to pick up this phenomenal good read to see who well this author brings  out this journey all out to the reader. I found this story a very realistic one and that ending was really something!

I love what the author also presents to the readers concerning this subject matter at the end of the read.   Would I recommend this novel?  YES! 


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