The Light We Found Kindle Edition by Q. D. Purdu

Book Description....

"In this short novella, Calla desperately wants to be a self-confident, independent divorcée. She knows she should change the subject when her daughter calls to tell her what a scumbag her ex-husband is. Instead, Calla listens and learns that he's admitted to having an affair while they were still married. 

And this is just the beginning of bad news for Calla. After she's fallen for Ben, a kindhearted fellow student in her dance class, she finds a photo of a much younger wife on his Facebook page. On top of that, she loses her life savings and is forced to take a job at a local middle school.

Calla truly believes she's hit rock bottom until she gets to know some of the students she's tutoring. One in particular tugs on her heartstrings. Cody has cut himself off from all the light in his life after the death of his father, which he blames on himself. As Calla struggles to help Cody cope with his feelings and learning problems, she discovers he has a surprising connection to Ben. And as she helps her student head back into the light, she just may find that assisting him will brighten her own life as well."

Title:  The Light We Found
Author"  Q. D. Prudu
Publisher:  Q.D.P.       
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Light We Found" by Q. D. Purdu

My Thoughts.....

This story was somewhat sad in what had gone on for Calla finding out some horrible information from her daughter about her ex husband.  As she tries to move with her life taking a dance class and meeting Ben but soon finds out that he is married. Will Calla be able to find someone in a relationship that would right for her?  Then as life would have it for Calla... she finds out that she has lost her 'life savings [money from the divorce] and was now forced to take a job at a local middle school.'  As Calla is tutoring she is given a student that will have some problems that seemed to stem from the death of his father.  As Calla tries to find out what all has gone on with this student [Cody] she also finds out that one of the Cody's parent was Ben from the dance class.  This will be quite a interesting story to see how well this author brings it all out in this 'twisted love story of love, of relationships and misunderstands.'  Will Calla be able to help this student and also get someone that she definitely didn't expect to be in her life? To get it all from the twist and turns you will have to pick up "The Light We Found." 


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