Lady Guardians: Sharpe Turns Kindle Edition by Heather Rae


"-You've lost your mind! - That was the general reaction when Kayson Rush announced his career plans. Perhaps he had. Exchanging world travel and working with wealthy clients, the former private investment banker transitioned to the slower and less demanding pace in a retail bank. Kayson left NYC behind and headed west to Abbey Springs. He was more than ready for the quiet life… until the day Kayson insulted Paxton Sharpe. 

Having lived her entire life in Abbey Springs, Paxton Sharpe was known by everyone. As well as her reputation. What that entailed was dependent on who you spoke to. Gorgeous. Best barber. Hothead and hell-raiser. Good heart. The tongue is just as sharp as her knife. All of it, true. One thing she had zero tolerance for was disrespect on any level. But coming from an arrogant sexist infuriated Paxton further. Seldom would one recover, earn a second chance or worse, be given a pass. Kayson Rush managed to have her reconsidering.

While Paxton and the Lady Guardians were looking to start a not for profit safe haven, her past prevented any hopes of moving forward. Kayson, however, showed up to The Range with a solution. But it came attached to a string called: partnership.

He was tired of living a safe life. She was on the verge of breaking all of her rules. Hang on tight as they hit a few Sharpe Turns."

Title:  Lady Guardians:  Sharpe Turns 
Author:  Heather Rae
Publisher:  Tattered Pages Publishing                      
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Lady Guardians:  Shape Turns" by Heather Rae

My Rationalization:

This was an interesting story about how two people find themselves coming together even when one of them seemed uninterested.  I was still left wondering what in the world had happened that caused as it seemed like everyone thought of Paxton as a bad person.  Hopefully, there will be more to the story that will bring out a little more understanding of just what had happened to Paxton that made her take on life as she did.   


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