The Season of Sin

Author: Stacy Deanne
Published By: In The Storm Publishing, LLC
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Season of Sin" by Stacy Deanne was a excellent suspense and mystery novel definitely a Wow... good read! I simply loved the novel Ms. Deanne. I must say you really know how to hold the readers interest with it's fast pace read keeping you on the edge of your seat till the very end. Yes, you will find this read with a good plot, that has been well written and even some romance in all of this mystery.

The two detectives...from the Albany P.D..Brianna(Bree) Morris and Steve Kemp will really had their hands full with this murder mystery... having at once been in a relationship together... now two detective partners.  Who has  murdered Brianna's friend...Dr. Nadia Hollister and had left her alive with just a  blow to the head? How  will these detectives  solve this mystery with all the characters that seem to be all guilty in one way or another...from Bruce, Aunt Jasmine, Shanoon, and  Mr Swaggert to only name a few?    I did find each character so well developed and you will be very caught up on this crazy ride by the time you finish this excellent read.

There are so many secrets leading to many twist and turns that by the time I got to the end I was surprised who the guilty one had been. Now, to find out the who, why and everything else you must pick up the novel: "The Season of Sin" to find out just what is going on.  I am sure you will not be disappointed with this wonderful read. The detectives both will  find out "that the world Nadia was living was full of more sin than they ever imagined and no ones life will be left untouched when the truth behind her killing is revealed."

If you are looking for a excellent suspense mystery that is truly captivating, you have come to the right novel and yes I would recommend "The Season of Sin" as a read for you.  Thank you very much Ms Deanne for a complimentary electronic copy of your novel.


  1. Hi Arlena,

    I am so glad you enjoyed the book! That means the world to me. I love writing and I enjoy what I do and making readers happy is the biggest reward in the world. Thanks for the review and keep spreading the word for me! It's readers like you that help all authors.

    Best Wishes!


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