To Find a Love Like Ours

Author:  Nikki Walker
Published By:  N.W.
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"To Find a Love Like Ours" by Nikki Walker was a wonderful sweet romance novel that was enjoyed that did have some christian overtones.  I found the hero and the heroine quite a pair.  I also enjoy seeing how the two were matched up from the very beginning  at their work place.  Yes, the heroine had high morals and it only  takes one fall but in the end she was able to see that she was truly love by the hero, her family and God.  Was this a christian
book?...Yes, it had its points that would lead you there with the moral that the heroine professed to have had.  What I enjoyed was how the author was able to pick her up...I love the speech that the mother (Eva Howard) gave to her daughter and son-in-law. I really thought that was so beautiful.  Philip had complained to Mrs. Howard over  trying to make his wife happy.

 Here are some of the quotes from that conversation:

 "Well, Philip that's because it's not your responsibility to make my
 daughter happy.  You can enhance her happiness, add to it,
 complement but you cannot be the source of Desire's happiness.
 ...And conversely Desire can't be the source of your happiness.
 ...It's up to each of us to individually tap into what our purpose in
 life is.  ...Desire has lived with her spirituality being the center of her
 life for a long and now she's feeling a bit lost.  But once she regains
 her balance, you will see some of the old Desire."
Yes, the heroine was a only child and her parents had high standards for her...nothing wrong with that...but when things went wrong she knew that she needed forgiveness from God. What Desire really needed was to love and forgive herself.  Would she be able to do this?  In the end  will everything be worked out between Desire and her new husband and they become  addicted to each other?  Now, this is the time that I will say you must pick up "To Find a Love Like Ours" to see how this author will present it all to us. 

I thought the characters very likable and well presented in this novel.  I read "To Find a Love Like Ours" in one setting because after I started it I wasn't able to put it down until the end.
I love romances and I enjoyed "this read. Would I recommend it? YES!

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