Damaged Girls III By: Janice Ross

Book Description....

"Damaged and corrupted was only the beginning of this journey. Jessica Rodney and Jillian McConnell had traveled this road for years. All that linked the two, a selfish male with a taste for youthful flesh, Steven Briggs (AKA Stevie). As if he’d not ruined enough lives, Stevie adds to the equation. Tension builds, drama unfolds and love crumbles. Secrets have been unveiled, deep dark lives exposed. And with the revelations comes redemption.

As the Damaged Girls series comes to an ending, Jessica and Jillian are able to finally address their demons and move on. Does it come at a price? Most certainly. With an end to their defeat and victimization comes a pathway to finally becoming drama-free."

Book Trailer:


Title:  Damaged Girls III
Author:  Janice Ross
Publisher:  Cultural Cocktails
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Damaged Girls III" by Janice Ross

What I liked from this read......

Wow! What a read.  This was this author's third urban fiction that dealt with 'Damaged Girls' and it was indeed a interesting journey especially for Julian and  Jessica.   I will miss these characters plus a few more  because they brought a lot to this captivating series, especially II and III.  I was especially happy to  see some growth from  a few of the main characters as they take and gain control of their own life's that was so important for them to have by the closing  of this story.


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