Extreme Circumstances By: Brenda Smith

Book Description....

“Extreme Circumstances,” the third book in the Circumstances series traces the life of Caroline Jackson, Brandi and TJ Pennington’s relative. The registered nurse finds herself tangled in a web of lies, deceptions, and abuse. The woman’s ability to maintain her sanity, survive, and move forward becomes questionable. She flees from her dangerous and twisted spouse, Dennis, and turns to her Claxville relatives for temporary respite. Extreme circumstances occur while she is with the aged and infirmed couple, ones leaving her homeless, penniless, and troubled. The couple who rested childless acquired an heir to the Pennington’s properties."

Title :  Extreme Circumstances
Author:  Brenda Smith
Publisher:  XLIBRIS
Book # 3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: five

"Extreme Circumstances" by Brenda Smith

What I liked about this novel....

Hopefully you have already read this author first two books:  'Insane Circumstances and Unforeseen Circumstances' and now we have her last novel ..... "Extreme Circumstances."  I loved how this author was able to tie up any loose ends with this last novel...with the storyline being concentrated mainly on Caroline Jackson along with Brandi and TJ.  All I can say is this was quite some story about Caroline, Brandi's younger sister who really went through a lots of  trauma while also taking her family along with her.  Then their was Brandi and T.J's situation with all of his health problems.  I will say when it was all said and done I learned some very interesting facts about 'spousal abuse,  schizophrenic, bi-polar, dementia and Alzheimer disease.'   This author really gives the reader a  captivating read of the 'Brown and Pennington' family.  I would definitely suggest  for the reader to read these author's novels in order so that you will be a able it get it all in this well told and well written story.  


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