Dying To Be Fine By: Hood Chronicles

Book Description....

"Hailing from Baton Rouge Louisiana, Yasmine is a young women forced into the harsh reality of life on the streets. After being pushed out of her mother’s home, she learns that survival without help in sight is not an easy task.
Facing trials and tribulations, she manages to make a glamorous life for herself in the entertainment industry, but only after undergoing cosmetic surgery. With her new astronomically sized assets, Yasmine finds herself the envy of women and the desire of men.
Taking her younger sister into her household, she teaches her the tricks of the trade, and attempts to teach her the lessons she herself learned the hard way. Coming of age, the defiant sibling has plans of her own, and feels that Yasmine's adamant rules stem from a hidden jealousy.
Delving into the black market, Yasmine and her sister meet the one person who will teach them that everything that glitters ain’t gold, and you can fall just as quickly as you rise.
Follow Yasmine's gripping story as she takes you on a mesmerizing trip with karma, sacrifice, and full-blown suspense!"

Title:  Dying To Be Fine
Author:  Hood Chronicles
Publisher:  World Haven Agenda
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Dying To Be Fine"  by Hood Chronicles

What I liked from this story....

This was a very powerful read by this author that was simply off the chart VERY well written so very GOOD!  Yes, it was a short read but it  gets to the point up front for the reader that your attention will be held all the way through this story. "Dying To Be Fine" really fits this  title because for this poor child [Yasmine] thinking her body would give her all the happiness she wanted but in the end well...and bringing her sister [Stacy] into all this with her dramatic emotional life was really quite something to  read about. With their mother [Cheryl] trying to lead them on the right path...but will she be able to do this?  I liked how in the end their mother was now "devoting her life to young women all across America as a motivational speaker on one main topic...a women's worth... helping other women avoid the path that her children had taken teaching these women to value themselves and making wiser decisions." I don't want to tell too much but to say you must pick up  this good novel to see how this author presents such a vivid picture so well to the reader.  I only hope all that reads this novel gets the message.

What I especially loved about this story.

 I loved  at the end  of the story where we find this author writes .... "Hood's Takes on a Women's Worth and the Interview with Moma Hood [Ms. Ramona]."  This was written so beautifully it brought tears being so well present to the readers .  Thank you, thank you  to the author Mr. Hood Chronicles for such a rich emotional read that will stay with the reader long after the read.  


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