Ten Good Reasons By: Lauren Christopher

Book Description....

"In the latest Sandy Cove romance from the author of The Red Bikini, ten good reasons aren’t enough to keep Lia and Evan apart…

With a crazy eighty-hour-a-week job, an almost-boyfriend who’s left her for Bora Bora, and way too many terrible bridesmaid dresses in her future, Lia McCabe needs a change of pace before the imminent crush of the big 3-0.

First up, Lia is determined to help make sure her friend Drew’s whale-watching business takes off. But when an accident leaves him unable to man the boat, Lia’s only option is to convince Drew’s brooding, sexy brother to captain the ship (and save her butt).

For the last two years, Evan Betancourt has been sailing around the world to avoid the ghosts of his past. But when he pulls into Sandy Cove for a brief stop, Lia makes him an offer she won’t let him refuse.

And as these two opposites figure out how to work together, the murky waters between denial and attraction are creeping up fast…"

Title:  Ten Good Reasons
Author:  Lauren Christopher
Publisher:  Berkley
Series:  Sandy Cove # 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Ten Good Reason" by Lauren Christopher

What I enjoyed by this novel....

This author really knows how to hit it out of the ball park...truly this second series 'Sandy Cove # 2'
was a perfect hit.  I loved how this author was able to put two opposites together...Evan and Lia.  This author know how to hold your attention because you will be kept on the edge of your seat turning the pages till the end even made to feel as if you are right there.  Lia knows what she has to do in order to save this whale watching business...for Drew and that was for her to get help from someone who is not interested, has a dark mysterious past and sexy as hell hulk... would Lia be able to pull this all  off  by getting Drew's brother Evan to help after his motorcycle accident?  What had Evan being doing lately?  He had been sailing  around the world with all of his tragic pass that was there to trouble  him.  Now you have the jest of the story. It will he a interesting read of just how Lia will convince Evan to help his estranged brother out of this predicament. Will this deal make or break Evan?   As this story goes on and Evan and Lia are together will their be an attraction for each other?
I loved this part of  how this author was able to put Lia out there in such a way and in the awe of the life in the sea that for him it seemed to have a  hold Evan so much that when Lia was gone away from him was he was still left thinking of beautiful Lia. Was Evan beginning to come down somewhat? Were they finally figuring it all out about themselves?   Now to truly understand this and so much more you will have to pick up "Ten Good Reason" to read and see what the author conveys it to the reader. It will be a good read!

There will be some interesting characters from this read... some you may like and others not so much but one thing is for sure the reader will be able to capture all the emotions...from sadness to even some humorous moments of this captivating journey of the read.
What I especially liked from this novel...

I loved this well written author's description of this type of life on the sea, the scenery, experiences of the whale watching in this beautiful world of marina's and coastal living was simply beautifully and was breathtakingly done.  In the end will we get a happily ever after? ....Well you will just have to pick up "Ten Good Reasons" to see.


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