Keeping up with the Jackson's: Caught in Traffic (Keeping up with the Jacksons Book 2) Kindle Edition by Cornelia Smith


"Winter Jackson wakes from her coma to bad news; her twin sister Summer Web is missing. Caught in traffic, Summer has been kidnapped in an exchange for her fiancé debt. When Kendrick is never released from prison to pay off his debt, Summer becomes permanent property of Sierra Leone biggest drug lord. Will Winter and Summer get a chance to reunite and put aside their differences or will Summer live the rest of her days stuck in Africa?"

Title: Keeping Up With The Jackson's: Caught in Traffic
Author: Cornelia Smith
Publisher: The Book Plug
Series: Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Keeping Up With The Jackson's Caught In Traffic" by Cornelia Smith

My Rationalization:

After reading this author's first story of Keeping Up With The Jackson...this second novel tied everything up so very well with everything coming out in the end. Now we have Winter has come out of her coma to finds out that her sister Summer is missing. I will say at this point I always did think that Kendrick did have something to do with that situation. It was good finally with Winter seeing that her husband wasn't a good thing for her and it was even good to see that Treasure finally was able to admit her wrong that she had done to her friend. Will these sisters finally be able to make peace with each other? All that is left to say is you will just have to pick up this good read that explains it all so very well. I definitely would suggest you read the first book before reading this one 'Caught in Traffic' so you will get the full understanding to what all has happened because there will be a lots of drama, twist and turns that will have you shaking your head and definitely keeping your attention with all of the spends this story will have before you get to the ending. 



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