Keeping up with the Jackson's Kindle Edition by Cornelia Smith


"On the outside Winter Jackson appears to have it all; a fine husband, money, a beautiful home and cars. She has the perfect life, at least that’s what her sister Summer believes. The complete opposite from her sister, Summer has nothing to call her own; not even a pot to piss in. Enticed by Winter’s perfect world of love and glamour, Summer scheme’s her way into the life of perfection with one goal in mind; to keep up with the Jackson’s. Instantly she becomes Winter worse enemy. An enemy by blood, the sibling’s sisterhood is put to the test when Summer goes missing due to her imprisoned man, Kendrick debt. Winter is forced to make a decision. Will she show her only sister mercy or turn the blind eye?"

Title:  Keeping Up With The Jackson's
Author:  Cornelia Smith
Publisher:  The Book Plug LLC
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Keeping Up With The Jackson's" by Cornelia Smith

My Rationalization:

This was one of those stories that will keep your attention turning the pages to see what was coming next for these characters:  Winter, Cameron, Egypt, Kendrick and Summer.  The author gave the readers a good story with lots of drama, secrets,  and plenty of twist and turns!  Well, the story doesn't finish here because you will have to pick up the next book to get the rest of this story.


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