Mrs. Robinson's Disgrace: The Private Diary of a Victorian Lady

Author:  Kate Summerscale
Published By:  Walker & company
Age Recommend:  Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 4
Blog Review For:  GMTA


"Mrs. Robertson's Disgrace" by Kate Summerscale was a very interesting read. There
was a lot of Victorian  history that this author used in her story to make it really unique
in more ways than one.  Truly Isabella Robinson was a really interesting person that kept you
wanting to know just what she was going to write in that diary of hers. Kate was a middle
class wife that was very lonely woman and having a husband like Henry Robinson who
was cold  to her only could lead Isalbella to do what she did best and that was to write her
 fantasies. Henry was from the Edinburgh's society and worked  and traveled away from
home.  It was very interested how the author was able to bring in the character Dr. Edward
Lane who Isabella was  infatuated with  for five years  all through her dairy.  What is to be
made of this?  Well, Henry finds this diary with all on its intimates of Kates' sexual  interests
 and petitions for a divorce for reasons of adultery. This trial was very interesting in itself. ...
 for you will just have to read this great novel to see out it turns out.  Be prepared
for a long read and very detailed ...sometimes I got a little lost and had to back up a bit, 
but in the end this novel was a read that proved to be quite interesting due to the fact that
divorce had been illegal in England at this time.  Plus the main fact was that this diary was
read in open court. WoW!

I will not let you know the outcome but it was interesting to find out just how all of this comes
out.  It is really worth the read.  It will keep you turning the page to see what is going out next.

If you are into history setting  back in 1850's  you will love this novel "Mrs. Roberteron's
Disgrace" and would recommend this for a good read.


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