Author:  Jolene Perry
Published by:  Tribute Books
Age Recommend:  16+ (Language)
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating 5
Blog Review For: GMTA

"Night Sky" by Jolene Perry was indeed a good  contemporary fiction read.  This was
definitely a novel that I could put down until the end. The novel is told in Jamesons' view(from a male point of view) showing his feelings, thoughts of each of the characters
This novel's  characters were fantastic....Jameson (Jay) a senior in HS, Sarah and Sky....
dealing with  real emotions, deep feelings and even real relationships.... sometimes  crazy but real and even hear  breaking up  times..... just watching Jay fall in love was  so beautiful. What happens when you are in love with your best friend and they start  dating someone  else.  Now,  this is what happens to Jay and the story begins....he meets  Sky... who is a Native American from Alaska.... lives with her  grandparents....across  the street in the same neighborhood. Sky was definitely a very intriguing person....  and  omg!...what  secrets  she had!  You will just have to pick up this realistic  good read and  see what it is all about. 

Jay's best friend for three years...Sarah was now  dating Eric.... now Jay meets  Sky...Is  he now falling for her?  What is going on with Sky.... Is she being totally truthful? To add to this storyline....  What  is going on with his mom and dad?....splitting up after twenty years...(his Dad had a affair).   Sarah new boyfriend  don't  want them to be friends.....What will happen next?    As you read you will see  how this will unfold  around Jay. Sarah had left Jay.... then  Jay's father ... later who will  be the one leaving next and and what else is now
going on in "Night Sky"?  Again you will have to pick up this good read to find out. 

  "Night Sky" was well written that made this novel seem so  very real... especially since Sky's  name meant...... "Night Sky"...... a story about a teenage love that will be explored  different relationship... a  friend,  his  parents  and his  lover. Most important was the message of understanding and being able in the end to forgive and get on with his life.

If you are in for a  amazing   novel of  sweet young  love.    I would recommend "Night Sky" to you as a good read.  The book cover is simply beautiful. Please Note:   There is some language used that may not  be  appropriate  for YA.


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