Ivy League Cowboy

Author: Helen Hardt
Published by:  Musa Publishing
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: GMTA

"Ivy League Cowboy" by Helen Hardt was a good romance cowboy novel.  This novel kept you reading till the end because you wanted to know what was coming next. This was a well written novel.
The story was of a woman (Dusty O'Donovan)...a  'Barrel Racer' ...and   who was called a 'bull-whisperer' that had come to this rodeo wanting to ride the bull (Diablo) because she and her brother (Sam)  needed  to make money ...$500,000.00... sounded good from this  bull ride...due to the financial  situation of their family ranch was in ...this  would really help solve their problems.   However, Zach McCray the owner of this Bull...'Diablo'... doesn't want Dusty to ride Diablo ....he would much rather date and make love to  Dusty..... having been childhood friends... but it had been 17 years since they had seen each other and what Zach saw was definitely something difference than the little girl he once knew from Montana.

The author presented these two main  people (Dusty & Zack).  You could see from the read that
 these two people were made  for each other.  However, there was a dark secret that  Dusty had  and until she was able to share this information....or as the story goes...secrets do get out... would Dusty be able to get  back with  Zack.. in a love that seemed to be in all the wild passionate sex  when they were together. How would  Zach be  able to get  Dusty see that he really loved  his 'darlin' and get her to tell him what was  the problem?    I really liked  the way the author brought that word ...'darlin' in  the storyline. Wow!

The story has some drama with some of the characters..... an ex fiance(Angelina)  that didn't seem to  understand the word  NO...... and her friend Chelsea... well you will just  have to read about her yourself in the good novel.   I really enjoyed the  brothers...  Chad and  Dallas  ...then there was Laurie McCray( Zack, Dallas and Chad's  mom) who was a breathe of fresh air in this story.  When reading "Ivy League Cowboy" you will get a  very easy read and enjoyable read.
I was immediately hooked by the intriguing "Ivy League Cowboy" just after reading just a few pages.  I am sure if you enjoy a western cowboy romance... then you will  enjoy and  I would recommend this as a good read.  NOW this is a adult book for adults only!


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