Author: Nya Rayne
Published by:  Musa Publishing
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 4
Blog Review For: GMTA


"Storm's Fury" by Nya Rayne was a good paranormal romance read.   I had a little  trouble  keeping up with the story line in the beginning but after a few chapters I was able to understand it a little better.  This was definitely a dark fantasy romance.  The author used a lot of imagination with this romantic novel... an Anubi..dealing with the god of darkness
and death.

The heroine Stormy(Ambrosia) was definitely one that wanted it her way presenting
 a very strong character having a very strong will and just a very tight attitude..with backbone.... however  will  this does change some after she starts to trust Fury?(the hero)....... who  wanted Stormy to 'trust him.'  This romantic play between these two people was an  interesting read.  Will  Stormy ever give up and stop trying to run from Fury?  What about the revenge  that boiled at Fury?  How will all of this come out?...  Was Stormy  ....Fury's  chosen mate?  You simply  must get  'Storm's Fury' to find out!

It was very interesting seeing the interaction that Fury and Storm had  between each other....Stormy thought that Fury would die (visions)....then there was the fight with  Fury and Terroar...stopped by Crul...the Anubi is explained by Tempest to Stormy...that she (Stormy) was 'Fury's weakness.' Now all of this sounds a little crazy to Stormy. ..looking for the 'ankh' symbol.  Will she find this symbol? If Stormy didn't run would Fury be alright?  Fury knew he had a job ahead of him because he knew that he had to try....the truth.... he couldn't walk away.  Again... you will understand all of this through  the reading of the good novel. 

The characters were simply interesting and sometimes even  funny.....  Stormy(Ambrosia),
 Fury, Crul, Tempest,  Hatrid,  Mitch, Alan, and Terroar.

"Storm's Fury" was indeed a interesting and well written   read.  If you like paranormal fantasy romance... this novel will be a good read for you. This definitely a Adult Read.


  1. Thanks so much, Arlena, for an indepth and well thought out review!!

    Stay Blessed.


  2. Good review, Nya! Tweeted and shared. Cheers!

  3. thanks! I have started it a couple of times, but had trouble with the first couple chapters. i think i will give it a go again now that I have read your review.


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