Unprotected: A True Story of Betrayal

Author: Reena  Jacobs
Published by:  Ciquette
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: GMTA

"Unprotected: a True Story of Betrayal" by Reena Jacobs was a very interesting read.  I knew I did not like flying...  and  after reading this I definitely would not like to be patted down. .... what a pat down.... even an enhanced pat down...Wow! This TSA experience was really really really something! I am sorry that things like  this has and is going on even today.  This is so sad that this even has to been done.

The author did a wonderful job at relating to us how a person is treated in these pat down.  I am sure this lady and her daughter( Alex who is 13)) did not wake up  that morning knowing (sending her daughter to visit her grandfather) that they  would have to go through something like that at the airport.

The author even relayed what the strange 'skinnny' ask...."DID YOU ENJOY THAT?' ..."you Consented by purchasing your ticket"... and then asked "Would you like to rate your experience? ... Give your evaluation." What!  Why did this happen.... she was "next in line when it (scan)became available." ...whenever a space opens for the scanner we fill it."  Is this how we are scanned?  Violation number one....Violation number two. Groping...or pat down! Wow... wanting  feedback... Are those machines really making a difference? after all.... 'the machines help prevent terrorist attacks.' Really? And what a thought.... Would her father have to go through this pat down and get groped...when he returns the granddaughter?......I guess he would be if he is in line to be patted down! Now if you go through the metal detector...you don't have to worry about this! WoW!

Now this really makes you wonder... about this whole deal...are the salespeople etc.
treated this way... with security and the scanners?...Asking her daughter(Alex)... did  you like that? ...did you enjoy that?!  What! Groping... does that prevent terrorism?  Not every one is scanned!  What can be done about this.....nothing you can do about it.... nothing you can do  about it. The government is in charge... and nothing you can do about it.....OK...
Will filling a sexual assault report do anything?..... was there really a answer for this? Investigated... dropped charges...Why was this?....Ok...pick up "Unprotected" and see
what this is all about. What could be done so this will not happen to others.. "for this is
a American problem... a problem for the citizens." Will there be a choice of x-ray machines, enhanced pat downs or what is next for us?

I found this novel: "Unprotected: A True Story of Betrayal" a good read that I would definitely recommend.  I believe this does happen!


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