Fulfilled By: Lynda Bailey

Book Description...

"Piper Vaughn has known Mark Lundgren since she was a kid and always figured they'd end up together. That is until she meets Domingo Cardoza. Now two incredibly virile men are vying for her affections. How can she possibly choose between them? Can't they just all get along...together? CONTENT WARNING! This story contains explicit, menage love scenes. Mature readers only."

Title:  Fulfilled [Naughty Neighborhood]
Author:  Lynda Bailey
Publisher:  L.B.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Fulfilled" by Lynda Bailey

My Thoughts.....

This author really knows how to bring it on to her readers. Will Piper get wants she desires from having Mark and Dom in her life? Will Piper be able to convince them that they all can be together? Be ready for a short story of how and if  this will come about.


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