Letting In Light By: Emma Davies

Book Description....

"Rowan Hill. Come first out of curiosity, explore as a guest, return as a friend.

When Ellie arrives at Rowan Hill all she wants is peace and quiet and a place to lick her wounds, but fate it would seem has other things in mind for her.

Firstly there’s Will, who has a reputation for being a humour less grumpy loner; things would be perfect if everyone would just leave him and his estate alone. Is he just plain grumpy, or is it the big fat secret he’s keeping that makes him act the way he does?

Then there’s Finn, who is drop dead gorgeous, but who ran away from his past. He’s now planning a return home to Rowan Hill, and although he knows Will’s secret, he’s not about to tell Ellie. Is it loyalty to his brother that keeps him quiet, or perhaps it's just that he has a few secrets of his own?

The perfect solution for all of them is staring Ellie in the face, trouble is she’s been accused of meddling before. Her vision for Rowan Hill could be just what everyone needs, so should she follow her heart or her head?

As Ellie puts her plans to save Rowan Hill into action, romance and friendships blossom, however the complications of the past are never far away, and a shocking revelation soon threatens their hopes for the future. Suddenly the beliefs they once held true become the biggest obstacle they have to overcome. Will Ellie find the courage to learn from the truth and let a little light into all their lives.

After all, life, like art, is all about perception, and sometimes it just depends on your point of view…."

Title:  Letting In Light
Author:  Emma Davies
Publisher:  Lake Union Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Letting In Light" by Emma Davies

My Thoughts...

This was quite a special good read that will give the readers a good look of 'friendship, love, with a community like [Rowan Hill] heartbreaking, to hope and even forgiveness.' The two main characters Ellie Hesketh and Will McKennan are very interesting, caring  people however also fallible with each having their own baggage and even some dark secrets.  Now, to add the rest of the secondary characters who were well drawn from  [Ben, Helen, Finn, Gina, Alice, Prudence, Jane, Jack] to name a few that the reader will get a well told intriguing story that you will find it hard to put down till the end keeping you entertained.  I don't want to leave out the beautiful description of Rowan Hill with its beautiful setting of the scenery that seems to comes alive as this author presents to the reader and I don't want to leave out the tea and lemon drizzle cake that was so important in this read! Now to put the icing o the cake how this author was able to present the 'secrets and revelations' that will come out from this read was very well done. That ending was quite  a very interesting one that was very captivating definitely putting a closure to what all had gone on there in this village of Rowan Hill.

Be ready for a story that you will find 'warm, genuine, entertaining, heartbreaking' and still such beautiful read that you will find it hard to put down this well written novel until the very end.


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