Happy Ever After in Christmas by: Debbie Mason

Book Description....

"It's beginning to look a lot like love . . .

As her thirtieth birthday approaches, deputy Jill Flaherty decides it's time to live a little. When she walks into Sawyer Anderson's bar in her sexiest dress, she's not thinking that he's her brother's best friend or about the many women he dated during his years as a pro hockey player. All she's thinking is that it's finally time to confess to her longtime crush how she truly feels.

Sawyer is done being a player on and off the ice. Yet no one in the small town of Christmas seems to believe he's ready to settle down, not Jill, and certainly not Jack, who is determined to keep Sawyer from breaking his little sister's heart. But as Sawyer and Jill's relationship heats up, can he prove that he's her happy ever after?"

Title:  Happy Ever After in Christmas
Author:  Debbie Mason
Publisher:  Forever
Series:  Christmas, Colorado # 7
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five 

"Happy Ever After in Christmas" by Debbie Mason

My Thoughts....

This was another beautiful entertaining novels by this author in Christmas, Colorado featuring Jill Flaherty and Sawyer Anderson.  What will happen when Jill has feelings for her brother's best friend?
I loved how we got to see that all Jill really wanted was a family of her own.

This story really give the reader a good well written read when at times the heroine did have me shaking my head wondering when will she see just what is right in front of her and going after it before it is too late and not letting anyone stop her?  I know when the story starts out it we found out that Jill has cared for Sawyer since childhood but now was almost thirty wasn't it time to either ask him out or move on with her life? And what about Sawyer and his best friend Jack[who was somewhat over protective brother]...what were they up to when they started setting Jill up with different guys? Now just what did they expect was to happen?   At this point I know the reader is wondering what was wrong with Sawyer that even his best friend Jack didn't want  his sister Jill dating him?  As this dramatic story continues I liked how this author seemed to bring in many surprises giving the reader quite a few twist and turns before we get to the end.  The readers will see many characters from several earlier series and some new ones [Chloe, Easton, Gage, Vivi, Chance, Brandi, Nell & Ty] to name a few that will tie into this story of 'Happy Ever Ever' [which was seventh in this series] however, this can be a standalone read to enjoy!  

This will be a story of with lots of drama, humor, misunderstandings, surprises, heartache and even some hot steamy passion. In the end will Deputy Jill Flaherty get the HEA with former Ice player Sawyer Anderson with the help of family and friends on this rough ride?  Well, to see how this author brings this all to a end the readers you will have to pick up this good read of a small town romance in Christmas, Colorado.  Would I recommend?  YES if you are into romance.


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