I See You...You Cannot Hide! By: Dr. Dyon Cole

Book Description...

"I See You... You Cannot Hide is a book about self-deception, deceit, shame, and rejection. Dr. Dyoni exposes her truth by sharing a life changing situation that was designed to destroy her. The goal of this book is to help others who are currently going through or recently went through some type of devastating situation and for those who are tired of vicious cycles of self-destruction. This book really speaks to those who desperately want to be free, but feel stuck, lost, and torn between good and evil."

Title:  I See You...You Cannot Hide!
Author:  Dr. Dyon Cole
Publisher:  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"I See You...You Cannot Hide!" by Dr. Dyon Cole

My Thoughts....

This was quite one thought provoking read after all is said and done.  I will say I got very upset with this heroine due to the fact that she seemed to have not to have learned a lesson from what had gone on with her life with that involved 'Levi' so many times.  However, as I  continued to read through this novel I was able to see why things had gone so badly for her even though she was now in the ministry. From this story the reader sees how this story shows us quite a story of all the 'self -deception, deceit, shame and rejection' that this person went through that had started from from her early childhood.  Why was this? Why did she feel like she had to get everybody approval?  Will there finally be a 'Healing and Deliverance' process for the heroine when she finally 'shares her process of acknowledge and comes to turns with the truth and finally ...finds healing , liberty and emancipation through Christ?'  "I See You...You Cannot Hide" was definitely a self help read through the Christian way offering help, scriptures and prayers.  I did feel that after this heroine saw that she couldn't go it alone and decided to finally share all with her 'sister' [for her sister had introduced Levi to her] and then life for her seemed to finally open up for her.  After she was able to confess her sins this became a new starting part of what she needed in this 'work in progress' for her. I will say this didn't happen over night for it took some time for this heroine to finally give it up with this young man who was seven years younger than her.  Now, to fully understand this novel totally because I didn't want to tell you too much other than to say you will have to pick this one up and see for yourself how well this author presents her story to the readers.  It will be quite one interesting read.


  1. Hello Arlena...

    Thank you so much for reading my book and providing an amazing review. You mention would I share my process of healing.... I do share my process of healing and deliverance in my second book entitled: 4 Steps to Deal with your issues. I share the steps I went through to address my stuff 😀.

    Again, thank you so much for your review.


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