Until My Last Breath By: Stephanie Nicole Nicole

Book Description....

"In the finale of the Trouble in Paradise series, Victoria finds herself in the worst position of all, hanging by her wrists in the basement of Caroline's three story house. She knew that her own actions had sealed her fate and landed her in this position, but how will she survive it? After seeking help to get past his many infidelities, Joshua goes on the hunt for Victoria when he receives a cryptic telephone call from her. Instantly, he rushes to her rescue, but will he be too late?

Danielle's misery becomes unbearable when her efforts to reach out to Joshua fail. Instead of going after him with vengeance, she falls into a deep depression. Her best friend, January, tries to pull her out of her funk when a person from January's past resurfaces, determined to steal her heart again.
Have these couples finally hit rock bottom or will they fight for love until their last breath?"

Title:  Until My Last Breath
Author:  Stephanie Nicole Norris
Publisher:  S. N. N.
Series:  Trouble in Paradise Book 4
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Until My Last Breath" by Stephanie Nicole Norris

My Thoughts...

What a ending to a series...Trouble in Paradise Book 4 "Until My Last Breath" was one read that will keep you turning the pages because this author really brings it all out and even gives the reader a nice ending considering all that has happened in the different series.  I will say to truly understand all of what all has gone on you I would definitely recommend that read the other three series in order.  I have read all of them and also reviewed them so I went back and re read my reviews...and that did help me in understand what was going on in this present series.  Wow, it was quite a interesting read it was to see if Victoria will get out of the mess she has gotten herself in with Greg, Caroline's husband. Now, we find Victoria in trouble due to Caroline and her friend Alexis.  It was also quite interesting seeing Joshua involvement with this situation along with Dante, Shay and I don't want to leave out January. Danielle and oh yes Brandon who comes into the picture.  How do all of these people fit into this series? Each of these characters definitely have their own story that will leave you shaking your head and saying REALLY!  Now, I don't want to tell you the story other than to say you will have to pick this good read up because it is a one urban fiction that has a little bit of it all in it. When you think you have it figured out some other new drama comes up.  One thing I will say is that I didn't care for that Greg and his wife.  I simply could not figure out what Greg was up to.  Truly that ending that involved Greg was creepy and his wife Caroline was weird. Another character that gave me cause not to like was Joshua especially how his handled....  And that ending for Alexis was ....well I will just stop here and say it was intriguing reading about Victoria, Joshua along with Shay and Dante. Hopefully, they will ALL finally get their HEA...well I guess we can only wish!


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