On The Corner of Heartache and Hopeful - Mic - By: Lynda Bailey

Book Description....

"Beautiful auto mechanic Michaela Anderson has never known a man’s touch and, at twenty-six, she wonders if she ever will. The small town of Tatum, Nebraska, isn’t exactly teeming with prospects. Then her high school heartthrob comes back from New York City for a visit and she sees the opportunity to fulfill her dream of finally being a woman of experience.

When his grandmother dies unexpectedly, Scott Trehune returns home to bury his beloved Nonie. Drowning in grief, he turns to Nonie’s attractive female mechanic for solace. With Mic, he finds comfort and so much more—especially when she makes him a unique proposition he can’t possibly refuse.

Mic and Scott spend an erotic weekend satisfying each other’s fantasies and desires. Add a few sex toys and a little bondage, and it’s a match made in Scott’s heaven. As their time together winds down, he questions whether he wants to go back to New York. He’s just found Mic—can he leave her so soon? His career is in The Big Apple, but his future just might be in Mic’s arms. Life in rural Nebraska isn’t the hustle and bustle he’s used to…and maybe that’s a good thing. Will Mic feel the same? Or will she consider their rendezvous nothing more than a two-night stand?"

Title: On The Corner of Heartache and Hopeful - Mic
Author: Lynda Bailey
Publisher: L.B.
Series: Heartache and Hopeful #1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"On The Corner of Heartache and Hopeful - Mic" by Lynda Bailey

My Thoughts...

This was quite a interesting erotica romantic story that I did find somewhat predictable however it was still a good read. Everything seemed to come to a head with Scott being back in Tatum, Nebraska due to the fact that his grandmother has died. In taking care of things Scott soon finds out that his grandmother had left Mic something after her death and in getting to the bottom of this he gets involved with Michaela [Mic]. This is where this story will take off where sparks will fly between these two. The two main characters had known each other in high school where we find from the read that Mic had always had feeling for Scott but they didn't really get together until after the death of his grandmother. What will happen as these two go out to a dinner? What question will Mic ask of Scott? Will Scott decide to leave Tatum and return to NY alone? Well, this is where I say you will have to pick up this delightful read to see if these two will get their HEA.


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