The Reluctant Cowboy By: Kate Pearce

Book Description....

"After a turbulent childhood, the Morgan brothers went their separate ways, leaving the family cattle ranch and their cowboy days far behind. But now, one by one, they’re being called back home to California. Have they been summoned to save the land—or to start a new legacy?  
Chase Morgan high-tailed it away from ranching life as soon as possible. But running a successful technology company can’t erase the memories, or secrets, of his youth. Coming home to help his Grandma Ruth may finally put some ghosts to rest—if he can just get a certain smart, beautiful houseguest out of his business. But getting her out of his head is proving even more difficult…

Determined to save the Morgan ranch, historian January Mitchell has pinned her hopes on the surprisingly rugged, surprisingly likable, and exasperatingly stubborn Chase. Surely his love of this breathtaking, mysterious land runs deep enough that he’ll once again embrace his inner cowboy. Or maybe, despite both of their skittish hearts, she’ll have to find a way to get him back in the saddle…any which way she can. 
“If you love cowboys—and who doesn’t—you’ll love the Morgans!” --Cora Seton, New York Times bestselling author"

Title:  The Reluctant Cowboy
Author:  The Reluctant Cowboy
Publisher:  Zebra
Series:  Morgan Ranch # 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Reluctant Cowboy" by Kate Pearce

My Thoughts....

This was a good story of a family coming back together again in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains.  With Grandma Ruth wanting to save her historic ranch, [the ranch and town are in part a huge historical site and there's actually an abandoned town on the ranch property] who would she reach out to other than her oldest grandson Chase Morgan. Chase lived in San Francisco but when his grandmother ask him for help he returns to his childhood home with threats to the future of the ranch. What he finds there besides his grandmother is a that a historian named January Michell [who had grew up in a commune] was now living there working on her thesis. January held on to the belief that 'Ruth could have her historic ranch by by working on organic farming and also joining the tourist circuit'.  But what did Chase think about this and why had he stayed away from the ranch?  Now, this is where the real story is...Chase had four brother but they didn't talk to each other...why was that?  And just what had happened to their mother, sister and father?

 It is of great interest as the reader can see how the author is putting these two Chase and January together[with a little help], so I didn't find that surprising at all but will it last?  We find Chase is financially independent so what will he find out as he investigates what is going on at the Morgan Ranch?  Will this all bring in what has gone on with January and her ex now as it seems there was definitely an interest that these two [Chase and January] had even though they are complete opposites. I will say that January definitely challenged him. And what was up with Chase as it seemed that he was forced to take this vacation to visit his grandmother by his two best friends because they could not stand working with him? Will Chase be able to find himself again?  That was another story and watching...[reading] about Chase and January as their romance grows was off the chart well done and oh yes the 'steamy hot sex' scenes were there too.

I liked how this author gives us some  mystery that come from a 'financial transaction that will open deeper wounds among the Morgan Family' especially when a brother and later the father shows up.   This read will definitely keep your interest where you will not want to put it down until the end wanting to know if these two [Chase and January] will get their HEA.  Now, it seems like the story doesn't quite end because there are still more questions to be answered  in another series.  I would love to know more about this father that has showed up out of the blue and the other brothers [twins], the mom [who had disappeared] along with their sister.  This is definitely a beginning to a new series that I will be check out and would recommend to you as a good read.

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