Untold [Sisterhood Chronicles Book 3] By: Author A. D.

Book Description...

"To make recompense for her past, Renee Williams has devoted her attention to God, prayer, and the kids in her stead as a social worker. She'd like to keep quiet about her past, but there's just one problem with that—Andrew Dodson. His consuming presence is prompting her to take actions in regards to the looming shadow of her past, but that’s just it, she doesn’t know what to do.
Andrew Dodson can’t help but to like Renee. She’s everything he never knew he wanted in a woman. He’s pulled away from his family and has found refuge in her friendship, but will his futile attempts to keep his interest for her at bay, while avoiding his family, blow up in his face?
What's done in the dark always comes to the light, but the light of day may not shine the way Renee and Andrew want it to in Untold."

Title:  Untold
Author:  A. D.
Publisher: A.D.
Series:  Sisterhood Chronicles Book 3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Untold" by Author A. D.

My Thoughts.....

In "Untold" [Book 3] the reader get a good look at two main characters:  Renee Williams and Andrew [Drew] Dodson.  I will say that to truly understand these two character I would suggest you read this author's first two books: Underneath It All [Book 1] and Discovery [Book 2]. Yes, I have read all of them!  By reading both of those novel will give you a much better understand to what is going on in this novel [Untold]. I enjoyed how this author works it in giving the reader a well thought out storyline read.  I liked reading about Renee who had 'devoted her attention to God, prayer, and the kid in her stead as a social worker' and she did just that however, there was a secret that was tearing her apart. Will she be able to let go and share this secret that was taking over her mind that seemed to be in her daily thoughts especially after she meets Andrew? Why had Renee not shared this secret even with her family? For Andrew I felt his sorrow as he had found out something very horrible about his adoptive [not] father. Will there ever be any forgiveness for Drew in this situation with Charles, Sr.? What will happen as these two people [Renee & Drew] become friends? Will this be taken to another level for them?  I loved how this author was able to bring into this read all of the prayers.  That was simply very well done and definitely needed!

Many of these characters were also in Book 1and/or 2 were in Book 3.  They were all so well developed, portrayed, defined and believable definitely keeping the reader's attention turning the pages to see what will be happening next.

What will happen as 'What's done in the dark always come to the light' as it does for Renee and Andrew?   Now, I will say the ending with leave you well...hoping that there will be more for these two in the work in progress.  I loved this.....Will these two 'get their issues solved by the close of the business day so that they can start dating this weekend?'   Well, to find out the answer to this and so much more you will have to pick up "Untold" and see for yourself  just how well this author brings it all out to the reader.  Guess what I found out at the end of the novel? We are not through with this series!  There will be another series  in this Sisterhood Chronicles 4...'When It Happens To You.'


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