Druid Vampire Requiem by KuroKoneko Kamen

Book Description....

"It’s a thorny path for Becca to follow her heart…

Now a Huntress, Becca, who has been told of a prophecy that foretells she will defeat Dracula, believes that the only way to save Derek Dearg is to kill him. But what if she’s making a horrible mistake? As Becca struggles to accept Derek’s vampire side and her own blooming dark desires her family pays an unexpected visit. Derek jumps through hoops to gain the approval of Becca’s family, especially Becca’s religious mother, Emma.

As darkness creeps over San Francisco Derek gains new allies…

Homicide Detective Alex Wolfman and his police dog Maddy have been investigating the strange murders occurring in San Francisco. Now bodies are missing from the morgue, and he encounters the Thorns being attacked by zombies while sightseeing. Alex tries to protect them, but when the vampire Undertaker shows up Alex is defeated. All hope seems lost until Derek comes to their rescue.

The fight to save San Francisco from a Zombie Apocalypse begins…

When Becca is kidnapped by Dracula and thrown into his dungeon she meets Battle Nun Kendra Knight, and mad scientist Dr. Lazar Robinovitch. She realizes that unraveling their connection to Dracula will be the key to stopping the evil plot that he plans to set into motion Halloween night. Meanwhile, Slaine offers to train Derek in his vampiric powers so that he’ll be a match for Dracula. Becca has discovered Dracula’s weakness in the form of his heart, Kendra Knight. Will she be able to use his weakness against him and fulfill the prophecy?"

Title:  Druid Vampire Requiem
Author:  Kurokoneko Kamen
Publisher:  K. K.
Series: # 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Druid Vampire Requiem" by Kurokoneko Kamen

My Thoughts...

This story continues on from this author's  'Druid Vampire' where we now have the Huntress, Becca out to defeat Dracula and save Derek Dearg. Will Becca be making a big mistake in doing this to Derek?  I liked how this author brings in Becca's family [the Thorns] who were quite a humorous as they came for  visit.

As the story moves on the reader will get some more interesting characters such as Homicide Detective Alex and his police dog Maddy. It was quite a read as Becca's family will be attacked by zombies and as Alex will try to help them however suddenly a vampire shows up.  Will all be lost?

Will San Francisco be save from this 'Zombie Apocalypse' attack?  What will happen when Becca is kidnapped by Dracula and the Battle Nun Kendra Knight and the mad scientist Dr. Lazar Robinovitch are also in this dungeon captured?  Will Becca be able to figure out the connection between the Battle Nun and Dracula before it's too late?  In the end will Becca be able 'to use this weakness against him [Dracula] and fulfill the prophecy?  Will Becca and Derek finally get a HEA?  To get all of  the answers to all of these questions  and so much more the reader will have to pick up this good read "Druid Vampire Requiem" to see how this author will present it so well to the readers.


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