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"Living a lie isn't easy, but it becomes second nature when you tell yourself what you’re doing is for the greater good. This is reality for 25-year-old Jamar Maxwell, an ex-NBA star from Memphis. Jamar grew up with four friends, one of which was his best friend/twin from birth Bryce. Growing up in the hood, Jamar was the star of the click because he had all the popularity and clout his homies wanted. He shared it with them too and anything else he had because in his eyes they were his brothers and what was his was theirs by law of the streets. He lived with that philosophy for years until people's true colors started to show. Soon Jamar found out that those he was most loyal too we’rent loyal to him at all, and that shit didn’t sit well with him. That harsh reality along with each of their faults, led Jamar on a mission to destroy their egos and shatter those glass houses all around them. One by one he slept with their girls, and left his mark on their hearts all while he had the perfect family waiting on him at home. That happy world away from the chaos didn't last long though, because everything that happens in the dark eventually comes to the light, and that's when people get hurt and drama unfolds in this twisted tale. Soon Jamar finds himself up against hate, drama, violence, life changing secrets, and even death all because of his insatiable appetite for other peoples' women. In the end will Jamar teach his disloyal friends a lesson? Or will he become the man who finds out... That's Not Yo Chic, It's Just Yo Turn!"

Title:  That's Not Yo Chic, It's Just Yo Turn
Author:  Niki Jilvontae
Publisher:  True Glory Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Four

"THAT'S NOT YO CHIC, IT'S JUST YO TURN"   By:  Niki Jilvontae

My Thoughts.....

Wow, this was one urban fiction that was true to its title: "That's Not Yo Chic, It's Just Yo Turn."  It seems like when the table are turned for Jarmar aka Marmar, and Teedy will he be ready for all that is going down?  For it seems like karma will really be kicking his behind when  his friends, wife, best friend and lady friends all turn against him especially after all Jamar as done to them. However, it seems like there is one person that will be their for Jarmar. Will he be able to save himself?  I guess finding out that your best friends has slept with your wife and one of his son is not his will be enough to send one over the edge. When it's all said and done it seems like 'everyone is simply scandalous.' How will this all come out? Will there be any solution to be made out of all of this?  Well we will have to pick up the next read because we get a cliffhanger and we will be left wanting to know more.


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