DUI: Drowning Under The Influence Of You 2 By: Charae Lewis

Book Description....

"Tyme thought that she had escaped the unbidden misery she had been accustomed to. She assumed that her troubles would cease since she was finally in a good space. But when Tyme learns that something tragic has happened to her father, Joe, she becomes overwhelmed with grief. Her entire life has been dedicated to Joe, and the thought of losing him permanently causes an eerie feeling to reside in the pit of her stomach. On top of that, Tyme finds herself wedged in a situation that could prompt her to lose everything. She's forced to make a decision, but when Tyme chooses the wrong option, everything crumbles right before her very eyes.

Quillon is devastated when he discovers his fiancée, Myka's betrayal. He wants revenge and desperately seeks to find it. But when Quillon finds himself on the other side of the law due to his impulsive decorum, things go from bad to worse. In addition to his relationship woes, Quillon is harboring a secret so damaging that it could provoke him to lose everything he's worked so hard for. Quillon is not one to fold under pressure, so he comes up with a plan but quickly realizes that the person closest to him may be plotting his downfall.

Demeko didn't intend on falling for Tyme so quickly, but he did and he made no apologies for it. His feelings for her blossomed without warning, but Demeko isn't sure if Tyme could be the one for him. Her ability to make intelligent decisions causes him to re-evaluate their situation. Demeko is unsure if their relationship is meant to be, and that fact alone pains him. While dealing with that, Demeko is hit with an uninvited surprise that not only threatens him but his family as well.

Follow this thrilling finale where relationships are challenged, and loyalty is tested."

Title:  DUI:  Drowning Under The Influence Of You 2   
Author:  Charae Lewis
Publisher: It's Timeless Publications 
Series: Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five  

"DUI:  Drowning Under The Influence Of You 2" by Charae Lewis

My Thoughts...

There was quite a bit of dramatic in this second read of DUI that will keep the reader turning the pages to see what will be happening next in this entertaining read.  When the saying karma will come...well it certainly did for several particular characters. All of the characters were quite a interesting bunch ...from Quillion, Marlene, Tyme, Jamie, Myka, Lydia, Steve, Demeko, Dina, to Gia to name a few that you keep your interest as you are kept turning the pages.  I liked how this author was able to give the reader a intriguing story that one could see as even being believable especially in all that was happening to Quillion and Marlene. All I can say is that bipolarism is a very serious illness if it's not handle correctly and definitely not to be played with.  Wow, after all is said and done all that is left to say is this was one emotional dramatic  read that can give the reader much thought long after the read.  I did enjoy that twist at the end in who had done what to whom. To really understand it all one will have to pick up this good read to see how well this author presents it all to the reader.  It was really good to see the HEA that came forth.   


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