The Lover By: Nia Forrester

Book Description...

"Ryann Walker knows she’s a difficult woman; difficult enough that it would take a rare, and special breed of man to take her on permanently. Thankfully, she isn’t looking for that. What she does want is a baby. And after a rash decision made during a one-night stand, she just may be having one, with the very successful, good-looking, but completely wrong for her, Spencer Hall.

But once Spencer learns that he may become a father, Ryann just can’t shake him. He isn’t interested in being an absentee parent; and she isn’t interested in having a man hang around who is hell-bent on crawling into her heart, breaking down her defenses and unearthing all her secrets, including the ugliest one of all."

Title:  The Lover
Author:  Nia Forrester
Publisher:  Stiletto Press, LLC
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Lover" by Nia Forrester

My Thoughts...

Interesting read that will keep the reader entertained all the way to the end with some thoughtful characters and some very relatable scenarios. Ryann was definitely one that could get on your last nerves but in the end she does come around with her independent spirit and with Spencer's no nonsense personality and the babies maybe even getting their HEA. By the end of this read the author gives the reader quite a love story with come very 'complexed characters, social issues' that will all come together with such a wonderful depth dealing with 'love, trauma and drama' that will leave the readers only wanting more.  This was definitely a Ryann and Spenser's story and this author Nia Forrester gives the readers quite a well written story!


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