Bag Lady, by Jhordynn


"A woman HAS to have her bags. A bag to match her shoes, dresses, belts— even her hair. But what about bags to match her scars, bitterness, and double life? How do you adequately choose a bag to carry insecurities, hatred, betrayal, and vengeance? Nadia Giselle has mastered it all. She is envied by everyone, and everyone who gets a glimpse of her wants her life. Simultaneously, Nadia envies everyone and wants everyone else’s life. Trapped inside a life of domestic violence and lies, she is drowning in the façade. Her bags no longer accent her, but weigh her down. Will she ever be brave enough to drop them?"

Title:  Bag Lady
Author:  Jhordynn
Publisher:   Jhordynn
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Bag Lady" by Jhordynn

My Thoughts....

Bag Lady was a read that was of domestic violence all up front and personal as it was for Nadia Giselle.  I found this was rather a hard emotional read of just what this person went through. It was even very hard for me to understand a mother that would want her daughter to stay in such a mess that would involve her 'insecurities, hatred, betrayal and vengeance.'  This story will go through many issues from 'sexuality issues, a mother daughter issue, domestic violence, parenting issues, self esteem, verbal, mental abuse issues to physical abuse.'  Hopefully, by the end we can only hope that Nadia will drop all of that baggage that she has been carrying around for so long for a much better life for herself and her son.


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