Managed Care Kindle Edition by Joe Barrett


"Is it too much to ask that a managed care facility refund a year’s advance payment when your grandfather dies before he can move in? 

Frank Johnson doesn’t think so, which is why the thirty-three-year-old now lives in a nursing home, locked in a chess match feud with management that doesn’t occupy nearly enough of his time. When foster kid Elroy is thrust into his life, Frank decides to turn this forced relationship to his advantage – launching a string of absurd decisions, inappropriate behaviors and unexpected glimpses of tenderness that ultimately turn a New Jersey suburb upside down. A laugh-out-loud celebration of bad choices for good causes, Managed Care is an offbeat story about three misfits on the social fringes of suburbia and their ridiculous campaign to introduce an unfiltered version of intimacy to their stale, impersonal community. Because, according to Frank, it’s probably what Jesus would have wanted.

Title: Managed Care
Author: Joe Barrett
Publisher: Black Rose Writing; 1 edition
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Managed Care" by Joe Barrett

My Thoughts.....

I wasn't sure I was going to like this read but I am so glad I won this read from this author where I did find this read one good read. The characters from Elroy, Frank to Sally were some very unique believable characters that were relatable and will be hard to forget. Oh yes I did find myself laughing out loud and even some tears while reading through this story. This was such a good read of a 33 year old [Frank] who is staying in a old folks home to use up a prepaid rent from a dead relative. Now why was this? Frank wanted only to prove a point! The owner refused to refund Frank his money so he decides to live their in spite to the owner. Wow, is all I have left to say to this humorous, dramatic and heartwarming sarcastic read. You will just have to pick up this interesting read to see how well this author delivers this interesting funny and well written read to its readers. 


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