Casket: Pronounced as That's It By: Lou Kane


"It's that moment of knowing that the journey has ended, that familiar scent of the air, that second of awareness, that touch of happiness filling up the soul with laughter. It's that final breath waiting to be released. It's the emotions that life gives to the world closing its door, that's it! "

Title: Casket
By: Lou Kane
Narrated by: Jeff Werden
Length: 24 minutes
Unabridged Audiobook
Publisher: Moore & Poesy Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Casket: Pronounced as That's It" by Lou Kane

My Rationalization:

I found this a beautiful collection of some personal poetry and yes it was all about the journey that has now ended giving 'the emotions that life gives to the world closing its door.' The author really brings it all out to one that 'Casket: Pronounced as That's It.' From listening to all of this poetry is where I found a few of my favorites from 'A Rose, Before, Agreed, Moments, Steps, Night Flying, Waited, Breath Me, Discover, Block Peace, For, For, For, Dark Path Love Under, Surrender, Things, Greetings, Simple, Now, Promise This, The Man Of, Closer View, Beside You, to lastly Casket...and That's It' giving the reader something to ponder over long after the read. As I said earlier this was beautiful poetry that was well-written and the narration was great!


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