When Love Calls (Jenkins Family & Friends Novella) Kindle Edition by Sharon C. Cooper


"Mona Lisa Gregory is ready to live her best life. She's moving on after thirty-five years of dating one man. Scrapping the holy matrimony fantasy, a carefree and no-strings-attached passion is her new obsession. But her perfect plan has one hiccup. Dexter Jenkins.

Dex is an old-school guy who believes in falling in love with one woman and living happily-ever-after. He once had it all. A great job. Money in the bank. A happy, thirty-year marriage. He lost everything he held dear after one unfortunate accident. Guilt plagued him for years, but he has finally forgiven himself. Now he’s ready to give love a try again.

Mona is not looking for long-term. But Dexter is unwilling to ignore the fierce passion they share whenever he holds her in his arms. He will do whatever it takes to make her the next Mrs. Jenkins. But will secrets from his past and her former lover keep them from having the life they deserve? Or will their love be strong enough to withstand every obstacle placed in their way?"

Title: When Love Calls
Author: Sharon C. Cooper
Publisher: Amaris Publishing LLC
Series: Jenkins Family & Friends Novella
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"When Love Calls" by Sharon C. Cooper

My Rationalization:

What a beautiful story 'When Love Calls' was that featured Mona Gregory and Dexter Jenkins. I enjoyed reading this well-written novel about this mature couple [50s-60s] coming together where each one had some issues. Be ready for a good read that wasn't only 'heartwarming, romantic, with lots of drama' but also touched on the topic of alcoholism. I loved how this author handled this subject of alcohol. It was great seeing Mona finally getting her groove back and Dexter working out his situation. Finally seeing how Mona and Dexter were able to finally get past their past and move forward toward a beautiful life was simply one good read which included many of the Jenkins Family members from previous reads. 


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