My Thug In Rusted Armor 1 & 2: Combined Kindle Edition by Jade Jones


Justin, Madison, Journee and the gang are back for the final installment of the "Cameron" series! It's been one hell of a ride! But all good things must come to an end. This finale includes "Cameron 8" and "My Thug in Rusted Armor" part 1.

Title: My Thug in Rusted Armor 1 & 2
Author: Jade Jones
Publisher: Jaded Publications
Series 1 & 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"My Thug In Rusted Armor 1 & 2" by Jade Jones

My Rationalization:

Well having read all of Cameron's series and then these last two: 'My Thug in Rusted Armor 1 & 2' I will say this author has delivered to the readers a well-written series. It was quite interesting seeing Cameron, Jude thru the years coming back together with the family giving the reader an interesting read after Justin had gotten released from prison. I will say after Justin was released from prison and getting back together with Madison things will really start to happen and this is where I say you will have to pick up these reads to see how it all comes together. It was good seeing everyone, in the end, getting back on their feet finally making it through all of that mess with that detective presented and especially Justin finally getting the help he so needed. 


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