Falling (Moore Friends Series) Kindle Edition by Celeste Granger


"Kingston Wells was persistent. Not only had he told Sanaa that he loved her, he showed it through undeniable action. Yet, the pain of Sanaa’s past held her like a vice grip, making it hard to accept even the faintest resemblance of love. Kingston, however, would not be denied. He loved Sanaa Chase. Would she, could she love him back?

This story follows the short story Before I Fall. If you haven't, please read Before I Fall before reading Falling. This story does not end on a cliffhanger and has an HFN/HEA"

Title: Falling
Author: Celeste Granger
Publisher: C.G.
Series: Moore Friends Series
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Falling" by Celeste Granger

My Rationalization:

I enjoyed this story that featured Sanaa and Kingston. Kingston definitely didn't want Sanaa to get away because he knew she was the one for him. With all of the doubt, Sanaa had what had happened to her in her past that made her act this way? Even after the talk, she had with her best friend Tempestt and her sisters would this finally lead Sanaa on the right course of letting her know that Kingston was for her? Will Kingston be able to get Sanaa to finally open her heart to the understanding that she could trust him? Well to get all of these questions answered and more you will have to pick up 'Falling' to see how well this author brings in all out to the reader. This was indeed another sweet 'Moore Friends Series' that was a good read.


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