Breaking Lauren

Author:  Jordan Deen
Published By: Black Rose Writing
Age Recommended:  YA
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4


Breaking Lauren" by Jordan Deen was a YA read that took you on a very intense
ride that kept my attention until I was finished. How this author was able to
get these two... Danny and Lauren together with all of the problems each one had. The storyline was able to really suck you right into the the first person view
of two of the main characters....Lauren and Danny.

Lauren is fifteen, new in town and wanting her family troubling incidents from
her family past...put way behind her and to become popular...than a older sister
had been... who is now in college from back home.  Lauren wants to also  lose
weight..why?... become a cheerleader...and date the most popular sports hero in school ...just like her mother?  This is quite different for Danny... he has been
in jevie, loves to fight...drinks has a lots of girlfriends.  Now, how will this author get these two together? Was it the little looks or thoughts...even though these two spend a lots of time arguing or not speaking to each other... however, was there chemistry between these two at times?  Now, this is where I say you must pick up "Breaking Lauren" to see just what is going on in this delightful read. 

The novel  was really telling how this flawed young man was now wanting to be good for this girl...could this really happen?  Danny may have done some horrible things and made some mistakes, but his atonement and transformation was beautiful in this read.  Now with Lauren... you must pick up this read to find

I must say the ending  of this novel was somewhat shocking...definitely not want I expected....and here I will say again.... you must pick up "Breaking Lauren" to see just  what all is going on.  There are so many twist and get ready for a very interesting read that I would recommend. 


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