Vengeful Intentions

Author: Stephanie Norris
Published By: Create Space
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Vengeful Intentions" by Stephanie Norris was a wonderful read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  This novel was well written with such plot and deliverance that will keep you only reading till the end.  How this author was able to get this story out with all  of the details were truly a work of art. This novel is the sequel  to 'Trouble In Paradise" and if you haven't read this book you must do so. We have waited and Ms. Norris did deliver to us a great dialogue that can only be thought of as great piece of work.

It was asked:"What will happen when Love Crosses the Line?"....well you will get all kinds of craziness from a cast of characters that I can only say 'Off The Chart' GOOD starting with  Danielle Shumaker..just out of jail...after being charged with "voluntary manslaughter, burglary, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and resiting arrest"...all dismissed...why?  The evidence had disappeared?... Now will Danielle leave well alone and go back to Memphis" has plans on finding out where Josh was located...but will this be blocked somewhat by Sheila...a cousin of the late Leon Taylor?  Now, just what was  going on with Victoria, Joshua, Greg, Caroline, Shayla, Dantee, and Brandon.  Now, I don't want to give away too much of the good read but will Victoria still continue to have problems with Joshua and he with Greg still being a fixture that seems to stay close to Victoria.  How will Caroline handle herself still being in love with her husband that has feelings for another woman? Was her anger getting the best of her?   There are so many twist and turns that will simply blow your mind in this read. You can only do one thing and that is pick up "Vengeful Intentions" and find out just what all is going on!

FROM THE's a little...

It started out as a "love affair that started out as a one night stand for revenge
that turn into something else...leading to "Vengeful Intentions."

Victoria said.."lying, cheating, yeah you should get a taste of
your own medicine" who was she talking too and why? Now, as for  Josh I can only say that if he hadn't done what he did in the first place...maybe none of this would have happened that's all I will say about him  and about that!
I will only let you decide from the read for yourself.

There were still a few other characters that really helped make this read good
from... Tim Clayton, Steve Wilshine, Stanley Cooper, Judge Raymond Faragosse, Barry Grounds, Officer Peters, Aunt to Uncle Joe...only making this a very interesting read.

End the end ..."will these couples be able to forgive and  let bygones be bygones or will this love story end in tragedy?"  Now you will only be able to get these questions answered by picking up Stephanie Norris  "Vengeful Intentions" will not be disappointed and I would recommend this novel to you as a excellent read.  You will be only left saying Wow what a good read!


  1. Ok Stephanie... You knocked it out of the ball park. A truly good written novel.



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