The Gangster's Daughter

Author: Kendall Evans
Published By: Astraea Press  
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
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"The Gangster's Daughter by Kendall Evan was a very good short romantic
read about a FBI agent who was able to save the daughter of a notorious gangster, Antonio Donnatelli. The very thought of a gangster family being killed was not unheard of during the 1920's in Chicago. For many reasons this gangster was killed along with his sons but the daughter was left alive.Why was this?   After Maria's father and brothers had been killed there were still other people who  wanted Maria dead especially..... Carli Blanchi.  How was Jack Malone...the FBI agent able to keep Maria safe? Was there something going on between Mr. Malone and Maria? Now, this is where you will have to pick up this short story read of "The Gangster's Daughter" to find out.  Will the guy get the girl?

If you are looking for a quick read then you have come to the right place..."The
Gangster's Daughter" I would recommend to you.



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