Call of the Sea

Author:  Rebecca Hart
Published By:  InkSpell Publishing
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Blog For: GMTA

"Call of the Sea" by Rebecca Hart was a very enjoyable  fantasy, romance
read. This author did a wonderful job with the mythological of the selkie...with pirates, sailors, romance and murder. This novel was of two different people who are brought together from childhood to adulthood by their love of the sea. The novel starts  may start out a little slow however, it picks up and wow...what good read the "Call of the Sea" turns out.
This author wrote a very intriguing story that will draw you in and keep you
hanging for then shoe to drop. With the heroine...Elysandra "Ellie" Winters
who was some character...independent..stubborn ..strong-headed...sometimes even selfish however, by the end of the novel some maturity was seen.  The hero.. Daniel was so sweet, kind, loving, hard worker and simply loved Ellie. Now, just how these two were able to come together .... you will have to pick up "Call of the Sea" to find out how this story will end. All of the characters were off the chart good that really kept the story moving along.

With the author taking her setting for the "Call of the Sea from the Newquay,
England area  really helped with the descriptions that showed up in this read. You were really made to feel like you could hear the bustle of the wharf as the
captains prepared to go to sea.

If you are in for a good fantasy read with some romance and mythology, the "Call of the Sea" would be recommended to you.


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